Research interests

I conduct research on socioecological change in modern societies. My current research critically examines ongoing processes of societal transformation towards forms of society and economy which aim at the wellbeing of all and sustain the ecological basis of life. I aim to develop an empirically based theory of societal transformation to such strong notion of sustainability, to contribute to the societal debate on this challenge, and to build a bridge between theory and political action. My main empirical foci are those of agri-food systems, and grassroots actors such as the civil society and social movements. I am a social scientist who uses an interdisciplinary and mixed-method approach, and who has conducted research primarily in Europe and Colombia.

Key publications 

(in reverse chronological order)

Feola, G. (In press). Capitalism in sustainability transitions research: Time for a critical turn? Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. DOI: 10.1016/j.eist.2019.02.005 [open access]

Feola, G., Nunes, J.R. 2014. Success and failure of Grassroots Innovations for addressing climate change: the case of the Transition Movement. Global Environmental Change, 24:232-250. 

Feola, G., Binder, C.R. 2010. Towards an improved understanding of farmers’ behaviour: the integrative agent-centred (IAC) frameworkEcological Economics, 69(12):2323-2333. 

Binder, C.R., Feola, G., Steinberger, J. 2010Considering the normative, systemic and procedural dimensions in indicator-based sustainability assessments in agriculture. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 30(2):71-81.